Marty Anderson

The man, the myth, the legend. Mr. Big Ass himself, Marty. Marty began his entrepreneurial adventure in his early adult years with a custom printing company. In 2016, the creative juices were flowing and resulted in the coolest truck and tractor apparel in the universe. Marty spends most of his days traveling and creating/maintaining customer relationships and brainstorming new ideas.

Tina Anderson

Mrs. Big Ass. The lady boss behind the product. The ringmaster of the circus. The mom that does it all, Tina. Tina hopped on board with the truck and tractor apparel idea and has since had a pivotal role in the company. When she isn’t on the road, Tina spends her time making the awesome stuff you see at the shows and on the website. The craziest part is she does all of that while also dealing with the rest of us.

Dustin Price

One of the newer additions to the BAD Family. Dustin and his wife, Destiny, travel to shows all across the United States to meet people and sell some swag. Dustin also oversees the sales department for custom orders. Whether you’re a company, pulling team, or individual, he can provide pricing, details on products, and answer any questions you may have.

Destiny Price

The Biggest Little Ass. Marty and Tina’s oldest hoodlum and Dustins awesome wife. Destiny oversees the website, marketing, and advertising. As well as creating designs for custom shirts and BAD ideas. Destiny also travels to shows with Dustin and fulfills her duties as the muscle while Dustin makes sales and new relationships with customers.

Maile Anderson

The Middle Little Ass. She’s not just a pretty face, y’all. Maile earns her keep working in the shop with Tina. She just celebrated her 16th birthday, which means she will be driving soon and can be used for more cheap labor.

Tyden Anderson

The Littilest Ass. The Mini Marty. The Kid Genius. While Tyden isn’t old enough to be used for labor, he is still an essential part of the BAD Family. Tyden often provides us with comedic relief and keeps us in check with his nonexistent filter.


Rubi is a pure bred Belgian Tervuren that was a stray for a long time before she found the BAD Family. This beautiful girl is full of energy and has a goofy personality that fits right in with the rest of us. She is very loyal to her family and not shy at all when showing her love.


Roo is Dustin and Destiny’s fur baby. While some may be lucky enough to see her while were traveling, she prefers to stay home during the pulls. Roo would happily spend all her time snuggling or laying in the sun. She is the best traveling buddy and has the biggest heart for those she loves.


The shop supervisor. This fluffy boy is very picky about who he likes. He is always overseeing productions and making sure everyone is acting right in the shop. He also keeps constant tabs on Rubi. You can find him in a spot where he can keep his eye on everyone.

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